Use Emoji’s on Facebook – Made Easy

We all love emoji’s and there’s no doubt that all of the popular platforms are supporting them in some way or another as they’re a great way to add personality to a post and even show intent. Introducing, the easiest way to use Emoji’s on Facebook! Brief and to the point, I’m not entirely sure when this was introduced but Facebook have made it far easier to add emoji’s to posts! From the “Write something…” area, you can now see in the bottom right, a little smiley face icon that when clicked will bring up a plethora of emoji’s for you to choose from (just like twitter)!


As a person that posts a lot of stuff via Facebook in real-time (as opposed to scheduling), this means move aside third-party plugins. Well, we’re not going to just abolish the use of all third-party plugins, but it’s a step forward to connecting us all through the use of emoji’s at the very least and it’s just damn convenient too!


You either love them or hate them. How do you feel about emojis?