The Pursuit of ‘Fitness’ Pt 5 – The Rut

Pursuit of Fitness #5

With a full-time job and an active freelance career it’s not easy to keep up the gym going activity let alone any social antics I might like! That is absolutely an excuse but it’s the best I’ve got unfortunately. I mean, I could put it down to me being lazy but that’s not as easy for me to swallow as the former. Sometimes it feels like I’m in two full-time jobs but that’s the price you have to pay for the long-term goal of being your own boss I guess. Truth be told, when I make it to the gym after a long day in the office, my workout is often half-assed. I don’t put in as much effort as I should and stupid things deter me, like the equipment being in use etc… That’s something I need help with. I need to plan my workouts or even get help with planning them because it’s too easy to turn up at the gym and throw together some less than effective workout and leave feeling deflated because I didn’t try hard enough, only to go home and eat poorly as well. It’s a downward spiral! Tell me I’m not alone in this feeling!


I’m failing myself in this journey but I suppose it wouldn’t be natural if I didn’t hit this obstacle at some point. Now I just need to find a way to climb over it and progress. It’s tough to snap out of that feeling that you’re going to fall asleep as you’re sitting at your desk dreading the gym. Heading to the gym, slowly getting changed and hating every minute of it. I think I’m just in the complete wrong mindset and that’s insane because at one point, I was the utter opposite. I used to hit the gym twice daily when I could. I understand change happens but that’s even more of a reason for me to ensure that change happens again to get me back into the position I want to be in. Do you struggle?


Comment or message me via one of my social channels and let’s chat about our struggles. I’m always looking for insight into what works for different people and ways I can improve!