IFTTT – An Introduction to Streamlining Mundane Tasks

IFTTT Blue LogoIFTTT. More catchy than “If This Then That”, right? Well, IFTTT is a web app that lets you do lots of wonderful things once so you don’t have to do them again… I’ve used it for a number of years and thought it might be useful to share it with those that struggle with finding time to do things like posting tweets to Facebook, sharing your blog posts etc… I’m not saying you should automate everything because we all hate when we get a direct message as soon as we follow someone or get added to numerous lists (make them private for the love of God) and I do truly believe that authenticity is the key to genuine success.

How Does IFTTT work?

The way IFTTT works is you define 2 properties. The Trigger (this) and the Action (that). Here are two examples, one for Twitter and another for Instagram. The triggers and actions are labeled in red:


If New tweet by you then Add row to spreadsheet – This recipe would capture all of  your Tweets into a spreadsheet on Google Drive . Pretty simple but we don’t need a complex example!

If New photo by you then Post a tweet with image – This recipe will post the image you upload to Instagram to Twitter as a native image instead of the usual link you get!


I use IFTTT  to make certain dull aspects of my life, easier. Now, with the capability available and the right tweaking, you can achieve anything from starting your sprinklers (not that you need them in the UK) and dimming your lights to sharing your blog posts to Twitter and saving your tweets to a spreadsheet. I personally use “recipes” primarily for social media as I know not all platforms work well together (Instagram & Twitter crossover being one!). The concept behind this is to add some complexity to my efforts without adding complexity and time to my daily tasks. A work smarter, not harder scenario. If you’re looking to save some time or streamline certain tasks, see if there’s a recipe for it. If there isn’t, look to create one! It’s so simple.


Do you use any means of automation?