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SEO Basics for Bloggers

Firstly, congrats on seeing the value in Search Engine Optimisation or at the very least being curious enough to do a little Google-ing to see SEO in action (I say this as I hope by the time it’s seen by the many it’s ranked decently). If you’re looking for an in-depth guide,… Read More

Create Twitter Moments

A brief post out of sheer excitement (yes, I am aware of how lame this is considering it’s 00:03 when writing this). I finally have access to create those pretty, precious moments that we scroll through seemingly every morning on our commute to work (“we” and “our” meaning I and my…)… Read More

SEO or Social Media – The Pizza Analogy

Let’s pretend that your website (SEO) is a pizza and social media is an added topping, like pineapple. They’re polar opposites and in some peoples opinions, should stay as far apart as possible. Whilst in others, they go perfectly together.   In essence, the pizza without the added extras tastes fine and works well. But with… Read More

Looking Into: Real Time Analytics

I’m forever preaching about how useful and beneficial Google Analytics is and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t give you reasons why I think that! Today we’re gunna talk a little about the Real Time analytics aspect of GA. Probably one of the most fascinating aspects for me.

How To: Use Twitter lists effectively

Some people may see Twitter lists as one of those features that doesn’t really serve a purpose. Wrong! They’re actually incredibly useful if they’re used properly. They can also play a vital part in how you efficiently and effectively communicate with people through the medium of Twitter.